About Talbot Companies

Family Owned & Operated Since the 1970's

Mission Statement: To improve lives by improving properties

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Since the 1970s

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Family Owned - 3 Generations

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Our Philosophy

1. What we believe about our purpose

We believe business is about one thing: to dramatically impact the lives of the people and families tied to the business.We believe that starts with the individual beliefs of the leaders of the company and what they believe about people. We believe that successful teams are filled with individuals who care for each other.

Our leadership team believes a) people are made in the image of God. b) people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. c) Every person should be held to a high standard. d). Where people work and what they do has a profound impact on the entirety of their lives and that is why we strive to make Talbot a place where people can flourish and find fulfillment.

2. What we believe about project success

We believe that a project MUST have 3 key components to be successful: a) A quality foreman and team members on site who follow process and take pride in their work b) A qualified, and competent manager who can solve problems effectively and efficiently c) the use of quality products that are designed to last in harsh Florida climates. When you contract with Talbot Companies, you can expect these 3 keys to success.

3. What we believe about our customers

Our customers deserve to have our attention. If they have chosen Talbot above the other

options out there, they deserve to feel like they made the right decision throughout the project.

4. What we believe about our business partners

We believe that we absolutely cannot be successful in business without rock solid partnerships that we can count on every moment of every day. From referral partners, to suppliers, to contractors, to the mailman, we believe the business fails unless we have strong relationships that contribute to our overall mission. That is why we pay our bills on time, and go out of our way to help our business partners experience enhanced success by doing business with Talbot.

Our Mission

“To improve the properties of our customers, so that we can improve the lives of our people.”

Our Vision

“To be the premier speciality contractor in the roofing, painting, and concrete floor coatings industries in Florida.”

Our Values

1) Care for people
2) Take pride in your work
3) Be trustworthy

Our Leadership Team

Fred Talbot

Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Don Talbot


Austin Talbot


Seth Harrelson

Director of Operations

Benjamin Yetman

Roofing Qualifier & VP of Business Systems

Chris McIntyre

Senior Sales Representative

Jordan Bass

Production Manager - Floors

Nic Moerings

Production Manager - Painting

Cassidy Pfeifler

Bookkeeper and Data Analyst

Our History

The Talbot brand has been in South Florida for 53 years after our founder Fred Talbot, opened the doors in 1970. Since then, Talbot has been a choice speciality contractor for property managers, contractors, building owners, hotels, and beyond. Talbot has worked on some of the most notable buildings in South Florida including the Breakers Hotel. We have created relationships across the spectrum that have stood the test of time and lasted decades. Over the years, the winning business principles and practices have passed through generations. After a major heart surgery, Fred passed the leadership responsibilities to Don who maintained the

excellence of the Talbot brand for over four decades. Most recently, Don has passed leadership responsibilities to Austin. Fred’s entrepreneurial spirit of ‘doing whatever it takes’ has been the heartbeat of the Talbot brand for the life of the business and we know customers have and will continue to appreciate the benefit of dealing with our solutions focused, problem solving team that is dedicated to continuing the legacy of that philosophy.